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FAQ Of After Service

FAQ Of After Service

How do I How can I know where my goods are?

We will track the order information and notify you.

Do you have a customer feedback channel?

Yes,we do. We strive to collect customer feedback in a timely manner, track and address issues, in order to improve the quality of our services and increase customer satisfaction.

Do you have technical support?

Yes, we provide a professional technical support team to answer any questions that you may have during the product usage and maintenance process, and provide you corresponding solutions.

How do I care the goods?

We provide the maintenance instructions for customers.

How do you guarantee of stable quality?

We have a comprehensive quality standards and inspection process as follow:1. Determine the inspection quantity.:100% fabrics should be inspected, 2. Selection of inspection lot or roll number: Fabric inspector can select all fabric pieces to be inspected based on the factory' quality standard, ensuring that all colors,patterns and package are covered. 3. Fabric quantity inspection:Verify that the actual quantity matches the supplier's detailed code list, package inner code list, and fabric roll mark quantity.4. Inspect the fabric's color and texture:Verify if the color and texture of the fabric match the color swatch and quality sample provided by the client.5. Check the width of the fabric:Measure the actual width of the fabric at the fabric edge, fabric middle, and fabric end. The fabric width should meet the requirements stated in the order.6. Color inspection: Check if there is any color deviation between the two sides and the middle of the fabric. The fabric should not have color difference between the front and back, left and right, or pattern. Verify that the fabric's color and texture match the confirmed fabric color sample and quality sample . The color difference should not be less than 4 grades or the customer's required standards. The difference between each batch of fabric must be above 4 grades.7. Inspection of defects: The inspection should be conducted on a fabric inspection machine, at a suitable speed that allows for clear visibility. Inappropriate speed can affect the accuracy of the inspection. During the inspection of defects, only visible defects that will affect garment processing and appearance should be scored. It is important to keep records during the inspection process.8. Inspection of defects: When inspecting the surface of the fabric, if any defects are found, use color threads to make clear markings for easy identification during cutting and layout. If the batch of fabric is found to be non-conforming, it should be returned. Make sure to keep records of deductions.;9. Count the number of non-conforming fabric rolls, and after completing the entire inspection, tally the number of defects to determine if it is acceptable.